About Author
Oscar R. Nordstrom

Author Oscar R. Nordstrom is the father of five college educated children and President of a family run contracting and consulting firm, in Pomona, New York. Oscar was born on March of 1944 to second generation Swedish and Italian parents. While his mother had only a gramma school education (like many of her generation), she somehow found time amid the bedlam of raising nine children to consume the Reader’s Digest condensed books that arrived monthly at the Bronx public housing project complexes that the author called home for much of his youth. His mother’s recounting of stories from the current best sellers instilled a love of books and literature, from an early age.

The premature death of his wife to esophageal cancer was a life changing experience for Nordstrom, eventually leading to a personal renaissance that included learning to sail, delving into opera and ballroom dancing, traveling, acting, and developing an interest in poetry. His life experiences, education, and breadth of interests have given him a unique perspective on the life and ideas of world’s most famous individual, Jesus of Nazareth, allowing to him to see Jesus as a social reformer, philosopher, and teacher—absent the religious trappings that surround him.

From the Author:

“In writing ‘Fountain of Change’, I coupled my life-long love of books and poetry with my life experiences, education and breadth of interests to bring a unique perspective to the life and ideas of world’s most famous individual, Jesus of Nazareth, showing him as a social reformer, philosopher and teacher, absent the religious trappings of Christianity. I offer this perspective to non-Christians, agnostics, atheists and those who espouse no belief system, so they may come to see Jesus as Mahatma Gandhi (a devout Hindu) did, as a “great teacher” and “Transcendental” figure for ‘all’ mankind.”