Fountain of Change Book

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Author Oscar R. Nordstrom brings to life the personage and ideas of Jesus of Nazareth in a way never seen before…

Whether you are an atheist, agnostic, of a different faith, or subscribe to no belief system makes little difference; Oscar Nordstrom shows us how Jesus has something timeless to say to each one of us. And, while Christians view him as the center of their faith, the author shows us that the Gospels depict Jesus as a gifted orator, social reformer, philosopher and humanitarian, whose message is as timely as tomorrow’s headlines.

While most see Jesus as a purely religious figure, the author shows us that the Gospels portray a vibrant human being who was filled with kindness and forgiveness; someone who, while humble, was a fearless fighter for justice; someone who could be contemptuous, angry, filled with doubt, and even righteously violent on occasion.

Following his death, at the age of 33, Jesus had no one of prominence to carry forth his message, only his working-class Apostles, and a few he came to touch, during his brief ministry. And, all his followers had to give the world were the words that he gave them!

These words have resounded down through the centuries in the minds and hearts of many of the world’s most famous and influential people, including non-Christians, up to the present day.

In a world beset by hate, violence, hostility, and uncertainty, Jesus’ teachings offer us a road map and compass to inner peace, happiness, and love.

“Paints a vivid picture of Jesus’ groundbreaking lessons . . . An impressively concise portrayal of Jesus as a moral philosopher [and] social reformer, just as one might study the teachings of the Buddha or the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. . . . Thorough and erudite . . . written in an almost conversationally informal style.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Thoughtful and well researched . . . a welcome perspective on Jesus. . . . Nordstrom has a knack for language. Well-crafted, alluring prose . . . Approachable . . . documents a plethora of Jesus’s lesson topics, including his progressive stances on the power of language, politics, theology, and women’s rights. . . . The book stays on task.” —Foreword Reviews

“An extraordinary read from cover to cover and very highly recommended . . . Informed and informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, inspired and inspiring . . . Will prove to be of immense interest for non-Christian readers . . . An enduringly popular addition to church, seminary, community, and academic library Christian History collections.”
—Midwest Book Review

“Well-written, enjoyable, and informative . . . like a conversation with an intelligent friend . . . Here, we see Jesus not as a god, but as a man who preached love and acceptance. . . . Easy to understand exegesis, commentary, and reflections on Jesus’ public ministry.” —BlueInk

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No single gift is perfect for every conceivable occasion, but this beautiful collection of warm, touching verses comes very close. Author/poet Oscar R. Nordstrom’s intimate and thoughtful words express insights that go straight to the heart, and will endure long after the gift is received.

Each page is in full color, with lovely visuals that harmonize with each poetic work. Topics include love, youth, loss of a loved one, humanity, nature, Christmas, and the gamut of human emotions and experiences.

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Language: English
ISBN 978-0-9983109-2-3

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